Wurm Online – Walk Across Xanadu (Biggest Island)

Map Size: 9:10:45 minutes from end to end!

How big is a map in Wurm Online? Let’s walk across this map called Xanadu. It’s the biggest map (32×32 km), it’s an island in the Southern Freedom Islands region. This region has 8 islands/maps. There a lot of islands in the other two regions as well. These regions are called the Northern Islands and the Epic Islands. There are a lot of enemies on this island, so I’m going to follow the roads. Also because I can’t see where I am on the map. I’ll die a couple of times, so I’ll have to cut and edit. The walking speed in this game is pretty weird. You can only choose one speed. You run the first seconds and after a while the character gets tired and will walk. And when you walk on the road you walk a little bit faster than on grass.

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(release date: june 2006)

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