Wurm Online – Walk Across Cadence

Map Size: 4:46:50 minutes from end to end!

How big is a map in Wurm Online? Let’s walk across this map called Cadence. It’s a big map (16×16 km), it’s an island in the Northern Islands region. This region has 4 islands/maps. There a lot of islands in the other two regions as well. These regions are called the Southern Freedom Islands and the Epic Islands. We can find the biggest island in the Southern Freedom Islands region and that island is massive! (32×32 km). I’ll walk across that huge island too real soon, probably in the next video.

The highlights during this journey:

11:09 music starts 22:05 castle 24:05 harbor 36:15 small village 39:07 more music 40:35 beautiful view 44:00 farm 44:30 harbor and castle 46:20 another harbor 49:21 another song starts 53:35 settlement 56:25 beautiful song starts 59:10 bridge 1:00:06 singing 1:04:50 another farm 1:08:45 a house 1:32:20 village in the forest 1:38:40 sound of frogs at night 1:58:10 nice view 2:00:45 a lot of weird horses 2:04:24 nice view and music 2:08:00 nice valley 2:09:10 big statue 2:17:34 cave 2:26:50 another nice view 2:29:23 another great view 2:31:52 very long bridge 2:32:54 another statue 2:33:24 castle with shark, fish, fishman or God Neptunus?? 2:38:24 long road with trapped animals 2:45:00 beautiful view 3:07:45 settlement 3:26:55 lake 3:36:45 nice view again 3:37:55 a gorgeous view 3:53:40 another house 3:57:55 nice atmosphere at night 3:58:30 another farm 3:59:11 horses 4:02:55 a crazy amount of horses 4:05:36 a planet is setting 4:25:23 spiders 4:27:22 and another nice view 4:33:37 another cave 4:39:50 huge spider 4:41:35 big villa

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(release date: june 2006)

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