White Gold – Walk Across the Map (SLOW)

Map Size: 2:58:04 minutes from end to end!

How big is the map in Xenus 2 / White Gold: War in Paradise (Xenus II: Белое золото, Xenus II: White Gold)? Let’s swim and walk across the map to find out. This Ukranian game is the successor of Boiling Point: Road to Hell. I walked across that map too. It was a big map with a lot of woods. This map right here isn’t full of trees, it’s full of water. It’s a big ocean with a lot of small islands. Some islands are bigger and I’m glad these bigger islands are on the route of today’s video or in the next video. today I’m going to swim and walk from the southwest to the northeast and in the next video I’ll start in the northwest and swim/run to the southeast. I’ll swim faster in the next video.

In-game song in this video: Motivés – El paso del Ebro

The Swim Across the Map FAST video (and run across islands) of White Gold:

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Timestamps in this video: 0:00 intro 1:57 swimming 12:44 small island 13:34 swimming 15:45 sunset 21:19 swimming 31:20 BIG island 45:14 swimming 1:45:08 gas station 1:46:30 swimming 1:50:42 small island 1:52:20 swimming 2:09:48 BIG island 2:22:52 underwater 2:23:56 swimming 2:29:37 small island 2:30:58 swimming 2:47:02 sunset 2:54:14 falling through the game world

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(release date: october 2008)

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