We Happy Few – Walk Across Area 5

Map Size: 11:00 minutes from end to end!

How Big is the Map in We Happy Few? Let’s find out. This is the fifth area called St. George’s Holm. When you play the game your map maybe looks different. That’s because it’s procedurally generated. The size of the areas will be the same, the environment will look the same and even the name of the areas will be the same. Only the form of the areas will be different. The area in this video is a big city. There are men walking in this city with long raincoats. They are out there to snitch on you. They will shout that you haven’t taken your pill. So I’ve got to watch my back. I really like the atmosphere in this game. Between the areas there are little places you have to visit and these places are even more detailed and are very well designed.
(release date: august 2018)

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