Watch Dogs 2 – Drive Fast Across the Map

Map Size: driving fast 06:49 minutes from end to end!

There has to be a faster way to check out the Map size. Maybe if we try to drive this little vehicle and drive between all the other cars that are in the way. It’s too bad we don’t have a rocket to check out the size of the map. But let’s not complain here, this is as fast as we can get. I’m really sorry about driving into this orange guy (0:48), this biker (1:48) and this police car (2:03). Yeah, especially this police car, because after that moment they think it’s necessary to chase me. Because of that I start to panic and hit other stuff so after a while my nice little vehicle is broken! I have to drive something else to get to the end.

(release date: november 2016)

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