Walking Across the Entire Map in The Elder Scrolls: Arena, is it possible? Attempt 2

I try to walk across the map in The Elder Scrolls: Arena. Well, at least I try to walk from village to village. In the previous video I manage to walk for about 90 minutes and then this crazy glitch appeared. So I’m going to try it again in this video. I know it’s boring, I know you guys won’t watch the same journey for a second time, I know everybody is going to skip. But I have to do this. I have to walk it all over. Just to know for sure: is it possible or not. Already after 14 minutes the graphics repeat all the time. And the glitch is there again at 1:43:25.
Is it just impossible to walk from location to location or did I start in the wrong village? Let’s try it again in a different town and in a different state in the next video.

(release date: march 1994)


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