Valheim – Walk Across the Map

Map Size: 4:41:22​​ minutes from end to end!

How big is the map in Valheim? Let’s walk across the map to find out. The game is still in an early access state, it ain’t finished yet. So maybe after a few months it will even be better. I don’t think the map size will change, that’s already big enough! More than 4 hours of walking!!! You can get over the edge of this world, but that’s not very interesting. I guess somebody else on YouTube already shows what’s behind the map boundaries. I’m using a trainer with a god mode because when this character swims, he’s dying soon. This journey starts in the southeast, in a land full of red colors. Then I’ll walk through green forests and valleys, through the center and I’ll finish on a snowy island in the northwest. I hope you like the black bars at the top and at the bottom of the screen. It gives it a cinematic effect. (to be honest, something went wrong and I got these black bars!!! First time I get this in a video. Well, probably a glitch. After all, it’s still in early access…)

(release date: february 2021 (early access))

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