Urban Chaos (1999) – Drive Across the Map

Map Size: driving 0:58 minutes from end to end!

This must be the shortest video on this channel. That means the map is very small. But this game is made in 1999, 2 years before GTA III came out, so we can’t be too critical. That means this is one of the first open world games you can walk wherever you want and step into a car and drive wherever you want. To be honest you can’t step into any car, when I played it I could only use police cars. This game has got 5 maps/locations and they are all small like this one. Now let’s drive for a minute to the end of this map. I’m sorry for running into that little man at the start of the video, but he was giving us the middle finger! And when you do that to us, you cause Urban Chaos!

(release date: november 1999)

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How big is the map


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