Two Worlds 2 – Map: Erimos – Walk Across the Map

Map Size: 46:57 minutes from end to end!

How Big is Two Worlds II? Let’s Walk Across the Map! When you buy Two Worlds II you get a manual and a real map! When you look at this map you see two big islands and some smaller ones. Wow! That looks big. But is it really that big? No, it isn’t. Because more than half of what you see is inaccessible. To tell you the truth this game hasn’t got one big map, it has got about 8  hubs/little maps. The biggest ones are Emiros, The Swallows (Eollas) and a place called Inisith (Tir Geal). I will only show those three Maps. I won’t show the little ones like Vahkmaar, Alsorna, New Ashos or the small unknown and seperated islands. The name of this channel is not How Small is the Map. So let’s start with the Biggest Map in Two Worlds 2. Let’s walk across the area of Emiros!

(release date: november 2010)

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