Turbo Esprit (1986) – Drive Across the Map

Map Size: driving 41:45 minutes from end to end!

What’s the first open world game ever made? We’re going back to the year 1986 and take a look at the racing game Turbo Esprit. Can we call this an open world game? Well, you can drive anywhere you want to go in this map. We’re going to drive across this map from the South to the North to find out how big it is. Gotta tell you this: there’s nothing wrong with your speakers, it’s just very quiet in the game, you don’t even hear the car and there is no music. You only hear something when the car crashes. I thought the previous video on this channel was the most boring one on the Internet, but now I think this one is! There are more maps in this game, but you understand that we’re not going to drive across all of them. They all look the same and one video of this game is more than enough.

(release date: may 1996)

How big is the map


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