True Crime: Streets of LA – Run Across the Map

Map Size: running 1:21:42 minutes from end to end!

How big is True Crime Streets of LA? I already ran across the map of True Crime New York and that was big! I always thought this map would be much bigger, and now I know for sure. It’s almost two times bigger! I wish I could walk across this map, then I guess I would be walking for three hours! Unfortunately you can only run and drive in this game. Now let’s run across the city of L.A. from the far east to the west and enjoy the funny things the people shout at me! The graphics aren’t that beautiful but it’s an old game. There are some bugs, like the ugly cloud in front of the sun and the grass, but this game isn’t made for Windows 10. At first I couldn’t even launch the game, but then I downloaded the no cd patch.
OK L.A., here I come!

(release date: november 2003)

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How big is the map


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