TheHunter Primal – Sprint Across the Map

Map Size: sprinting 25:13​​​​​​​ minutes from end to end!

How big is the map in TheHunter Primal? Let’s sprint across the map to find out. Some highlights during this journey: 03:28​ vista 05:10​ dinosaurs 05:30​ the back of a dino 06:30​ lake 09:45​ climbing the vulcano 11:00​ vista from vulcano 11:26​ another view from the vulcano 11:42​ beautiful view 12:20​ another beautiful view 14:07​ a dinosaur is running to me 16:50​ view over the sea 19:36​ dinosaur in the river 21:22​ another view

(release date: november 2014)​​

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