The Witcher 3 DLC Blood & Wine – How Big is Toussaint?

Map Size: 28:27 minutes from end to end! How Big is the Map in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt?

There are four big maps in the main game and one big map in the DLC Blood and Wine. In this video I’m going to walk across the map of the expansion Blood & Wine. This area is called Toussaint. It’s very atmospheric. I walk through a village and also through the biggest city of the map.

0:00 intro

0:31 hills

4:28 mill

5:30 forest

6:14 fields

7:50 village

10:53 countryside

12:50 river

14:54 city suburbs

19:08 city center

22:31 lake

25:03 forest

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(release date original game: may 2015, release date DLC: may 2016)

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