The Witcher 1 – Run Across all Maps

How Big is the Map in The Witcher? Let’s run across all maps/ all areas/ all locations in this game to find out. You can’t walk slowly in this game so we’ll have to run. I already ran across the maps in The Witcher 1 twice, but I’m not happy with how these older videos look. It had a low bitrate and a low framerate. So I’m going to run across all the maps again. And I don’t mind walking across these regions again, because the game world in The Witcher is cosy and atmospheric. This is the enhanced edition.

0:00 intro

0:20 The Outskirts of Vizima

2:43 Village

4:15 Trade Quarter

5:31 Temple Quarter

7:00 Dike

7:49 Swamp Forest

10:40 Swamp Cemetery

12:33 Old Manor

14:22 Fields 16:17

Lakeside 18:19

Black Tern Island

19:59 Catacombs

21:31 Ancient Crypt

22:25 Raven’s Crypt

23:08 Striga’s Crypt

23:39 Old Vizima

24:09 Castle

25:08 Kaer Morhen interior

25:50 Kaer Morhen

28:07 outro

Map size (running:):

The Outskirts of Vizima 2.23

Village 1.32

Trade Quarter 1.16

Temple Quarter 1.29

Dike 0.49

Swamp Forest 2.51

Swamp Cemetery 1.53

Old Manor 1.49

Fields 1.55

Lakeside 2.02

Black Tern Island 1.40

Catacombs 1.32

Ancient Crypt 0:54

Raven’s Crypt 0:43

Striga’s Crypt 0.31

Old Vizima 0.30

Castle 0.59

Kaer Morhen interior 0.42

Kaer Morhen 2.17

Witcher: all maps, all locations

(release date: october 2007, enhanced edition: september 2008)

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