The Scariest Thing You Will Ever See in Cyberpunk 2077!!!

Some of the funniest glitches or bugs in Cyberpunk 2077 are the ghost cars that drive through walls, cars that drive under the ground, an empty driving car, the woman with a man’s voice, her kids who suddenly have disappeared, the angry men who are shooting through a wall. These glitches are all in this video! I was just about to make a video of me sprinting across the entire map in Cyberpunk 2077 when I witnessed this. Cars driving through a wall. I already experienced this at the end of my “walk across the map” video but I thought that it would be gone after saving and loading the game. It’s just another glitch in this game. This game is full of glitches and bugs. And I don’t know anymore how many times I stared at the desktop after a crash. Crashes are just frustrating but sick glitches and bugs like this “ghost car glitch” can be funny 🙂

(release date: december 2020)

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