The Lord of the Rings Online – Walk Across the Map

Map Size: 2:06:00 x 3 = 6:18:00 minutes from end to end!

How Big is the Map in The Lord of the Rings Online? Let’s find out by walking across the map. I can’t walk across the whole map yet because I’m at level 6. I am able to walk across a third of the map. As you can already see, that will take 2 hours and 11 minutes. I am talking at the beginning and at the end of this video, that takes 5 minutes in total. So we have 2 hours and 6 minutes of walking in this video. When we multiply 2 hours and 6 min. by 3 we get the map size. It would take approximately 6 hours and 18 minutes to walk across the entire map.

(release date: april 2007)

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