The Long Dark – Crouch Across the Maps

How Big are the Maps in the survival game The Long Dark? I will crouch across all nine maps to find out. I crouch because walking goes too fast in this game. In the next video I will run across all the areas in this game.

1:10 Map 1 Mountain Town. Map Size: 19 minutes

20:53 Map 2 Mystery Lake. Map Size: 45 minutes

1:06:25 Map 3 Forlorn Muskeg. Map Size: 39 minutes

1:46:24 Map 4 Broken Railroad. Map Size: 49 minutes

2:35:43 Map 5 Desolation Point. Map Size: 20 minutes

2:56:29 Map 6 Coastal Highway. Map Size: 42 minutes

3:38:26 Map 7 Pleasant Valley. Map Size: 42 minutes

4:20:29 Map 8 Timberwolf Mountain. Map Size: 42 minutes

5:02:12 Map 9 Hushed River Valley. Map Size: 22 minutes

(release date: august 2017)

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