The Italian Job – Drive Across the Map Fast (Map: Turin)

Map Size: driving fast 04:03 minutes from end to end!

In the previous video I drove across this map in a slow tempo. Now I drive a bit faster. I also drive a different route so we can see some other parts of the city of Turin. I think this route is longer because the video is longer than the previous one. Or maybe I talk too much at the start of this video. I get chased by the police and a tram almost destroys me but I reach the other end of the map. It was kind of hard to do because there is no map in the game and I couldn’t find a map of this game on the Internet. I had to draw a map myself. Now let’s move on to the next open world game, I hope it will be a game with an in-game map.

Here are the links to the videos of me driving across the map in London:

(release date: june 2003)

How big is the map

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