The Italian Job – Drive Across the Map (Map: Turin)

Map Size: driving 03:37 minutes from end to end!

In one of the first videos on this channel I drove across the first map in the open world game The Italian Job. This game has two maps: London and Turin. I always wanted to drive across the second map too but I had to play some difficult missions first before I could go there. I don’t like to play difficult missions, when you fail the mission you always have to do things over and you see the same cinimatic a thousand times! But I did it so here it is, the map of Turin. I will drive slow in this video and in the next I will try to drive as fast I can. There is no map in the game so I can’t show you that. I had to draw a sort of map myself to know where I’m going.

Here are the links to these old videos of me driving across the map in London:

(release date: june 2003)

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