TheHunter Primal – Crouch Across the Map

Map Size: 2:36:26​​​​​ minutes from end to end!

How big is the map in TheHunter Primal? Let’s crouch across the map to find out. I’ll walk across the map in the next video. Walking goes a bit too fast in this game, so I have to crouch. This way we can compare it with all the other maps on this channel. You don’t even notice that I’m crouchwalking, it looks just like normal walking. It’s going to be a peaceful stroll even though we’ll see some dinosaurs.

Here are some highlights and atmospheric moments: vistas/views at 30:14​, 31:45​, 34:55​, 1:22:30​, 1:23:47​ vista on a very high mountain: 1:26:1211:11​ it’s starting to rain 1:04:20​ dinosaur is running over me 1:05:05​ tyrannosaurus rex 1:05:47​ weird sounds of dinosaurs 1:06:12​ beautiful sky in the evening 1:08:17​, 1:12:12​, 1:21:54​ and a lot of other moments: sound of crickets 1:10:10​ sound of an angry dinosaur 1:12:08​ another dinosaur 1:21:00​ vulcano 1:23:28​ atmospheric moment 1:50:25​ thunder 2:05:40​ crazy sounds early in the morning 2:15:37​ fog in the forest 2:19:26​ the sun’s shining in a beautiful forest 2:30:30​ nice ponds

(release date: november 2014)​

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