How Big is the Map Christmas Rap!!!

The How Big is the Map Christmas Rap!!! Thanks to my wife and daughters for the back up vocals! I love you forever and ever and even after that! Thanks for your support! And to every gamer out there and to all my subscribers: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Here’s the translation of the last words in this video: “Nog een keer!” is Dutch for “Play it again!”

For those who wants to sing the song with us, here are the lyrics:

Ho ho ho, How Big is the Map
Gonna blow ya ears with a fresh Christmas rap
All I want for christmas this year
Ain’t a big car or a bottle of beer
What I want is an open World game with a big map
So I can make another journey can you dig that?
So I can walk like Conor, from corner to corner
From end to end and border to border
Shadow of War Origins or Daggerfall
I don’t want to brag here but I walked them all
Wanna thank you all for watching How Big is the Map
I wanna say merry christmas in this christmas rap
Merry Christmas to all real gamers
Watching this little channel that will never get famous
Who wants to watch a man walking a map for hours
In the same time he can have a thousand of showers
But at the same time everybody wanna know
How big is the game world so I’m gonna show
The map size that’s right and you’re allowed to skip
You don’t have to watch the whole damn trip
Wait a minute, you don’t even have to click on the thumbnail
Look at the time of the video and you’ll know it for real
But if you watch longer than that How Big is the Map
Wanna thank you with a fresh Christmas rap!

www.howbigisthemap. Website made by Rebomedia, merry Christmas to you too buddy!

In this video you see the game Kona:

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