The Elder Scrolls: Arena – Walk Across the Map

Or should I call it Fast Travel Across the Map? Nobody can walk across the entire Map in one piece. The areas between the villages are procedural generated and are infinite. Earlier I walked about 2 hours and I was still in the same place with the same name, I didn’t upload that video. In this video I only walk without fast traveling in the first 42 minutes. Then the game world is all about repeating and everything stays the same. I have to choose between walk further forever and ever without reaching anything or use the fast travel. Since I am not totally crazy I choose the second option. And that’s what I keep doing. Fast tarvel to the next town, walk a while, fast travel to the next town, walk a while, etc.  until I reach the other side of the Map. There is no other way to do this. How Big is the Map always tries to achieve two goals: showing you how Big a Map is and showing you what the game world looks like. Can’t attain the first objective, but the second goal is achieved!

Map Size: infinite
(release date: march 1994)

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