The 160 BIGGEST Game Worlds (No Commentary)

The only real Video Game Maps Size Comparison video with evidence! The 160 Biggest Maps ever made. The 160 Biggest Game Worlds ever created. For five years I walk, run, swim, drive, crouch and even crawl across maps to find out how big they really are. And now I’ve made a Top 160, from the smallest maps to the biggest maps. Games in this top list: Red Dead Redemption 2, GTA V, Minecraft, Daggerfall, No Man’s Sky, Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Just Cause 3 etc. I already uploaded a top 160 before, but I talked a lot in that one. In this video I turned off the microphone. So no commentary this time. Hit the SUBSCRIBE button if you want to watch peaceful journeys across big game worlds!

Music that’s playing while showing No Man’s Sky (14:33) is made by me, How Big is the Map.

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