How Big is Guild Wars: Nightfall? Let’s take a walk and talk about the Map Size! In some Map Size Comparison videos they tell us that this map is really big but I’m not so sure about that. It’s not even one map. There are more maps with loading screens in between and they aren’t that big too! In the four previous videos on this channel I ran across four different maps of the game. Please watch these videos to get an idea of the real size of the map of this game.

If you want to watch me walk across some other maps in Guild Wars: Nightfall then maybe you want to watch these videos:

Map Plains of Jarin:
Map Cliffs of Dohjok:
Map Zehlon Reach:
Map Issnur Isles:

Map Arkjok Ward (Mainland):
Talk About the Map Size of Nightfall:

(release date: october 2006)

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