Summer in Mara – Run Across all Islands

How big is the map in Summer in Mara? The map consists of an ocean with a lot of small islands. When you sail from one island to the other you get a loading screen. I’m going to run across all the islands in this summery game (you can’t walk in this game). I start with the biggest one, it’s the only island that has a map. After that I run across all the other islands. As you can see, these islands are so small, sometimes it takes less than a minute to run across them.

0:00 intro

1:29 Qälis

4:28 Blacket Island

5:20 Copper Cay

6:29 Gold Cay

7:40 Islumber Woods

8:29 Midnight Beach

9:11 Nakitu Island

9:58 Global Sleeps

10:15 Iron Island

10:49 Big Iceberg

11:37 Abandoned Station

11:57 South Archipelago

12:15 Áter Island

13:23 Orientalis Temple

14:02 Puni Cave

14:39 Quruiuqi

15:44 Rest Island

16:35 Rosor Laland

17:04 Septentrion Temple

18:06 Setting Temple

18:45 Silver Cay

19:49 Spirit Stone

20:37 Forbidden Outcrop

21:00 Iron Colossus

21:30 Traverse Island

22:37 Vituae Atoll

24:37 Withered Island

25:17 Black Volcano

26:55 Unknown Place

27:56 Home Island

29:17 Outro

(29:56 Bonus Island)

(release date: juni 2020)

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