Submerged – Sail Across the Map

Map Size: sailing: 4:35 minutes from end to end! How Big is the Map in Submerged?

We can’t walk across the map to find out, because there are no streets in this city to walk on. There’s nothing but water between all the skyscrapers. You can’t swim in this game either. So we’re going to sail across the entire map to find out what the map size is in this non-violent open world game. I’m not going to walk on the roofs of all the buildings and make a video of that. I did some werid, crazy things for this strange channel, but I drwa the line right there. I’m not going to show you how big the buildings are in this game world. So let’s sail. This is the only video of this game on this channel. In the next video I’ll show you the size of islands in a game world that also has a lot of water.

(release date: august 2015)

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