Street Cleaning Simulator – Drive Across the Map

Map Size: driving 13:58 minutes from end to end!

I can tell you right now, Street Cleaning Simulator is not my kind of game! There are three reasons for that. First: I like it dirty! The second reason is that it’s too boring, even for a HowBigistheMapper like me, who has walked many boring miles in open world games. The third reason I don’t like this simulator is because it feels like I’ve got a second job. When I come home, after a long day of hard work, I want to have fun and not work more. That’s why I don’t like simulators and I don’t like a lot of missions in games. I just want to walk or shoot. But what I like in this game of course, is the open world. And since this channel is all about open world games, I have to show you the size of this one too. So here it is, the map of Street Cleaning Simulator.

(release date: july 2011)

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