Steep – Walk Across the Map

Map Size: 8:45:11 minutes from end to end!

This is one of the biggest maps in video games. It takes almost 9 hours to walk across the map in Steep. I thought Just Cause 1 (8 hours and 10 minutes) and Just Cause 3 (7 hours and 50 minutes) were big, but this one right here is even bigger. Or is it the snow that slows me down? Or is it just because these mountains in Steep are just too steep! Some highlights during this journey: vistas at 47:25, 1:34:00, 3:14:35, 5:15:00, 5:18:30, 5:23:11, 6:12:38, 1:13:00 view over a lake 1:16:58 nice shadows 1:27:00 lake 2:40:00 dam 2:57:00 village 3:47:53 a paraglider 4:18:00 sounds of church from village nearby 4:05:50 back in the sun 5:21:00 a church 5:25:00 nice shadow 5:45:20 bridge 5:28:10 village 5:53:25 a skier 6:33:50 strange guy talking to me 7:35:15 village

(release date: december 2016)

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