Steep – Run Across the Map

Map Size: running 3:53:57 minutes from end to end!

In the previous video I walked across the entire map. It took almost 9 hours. In this video I’m going to run. The sun acts like it’s going under soon. Ok, let’s run before it gets dark. In the “walk across the map” video it was bright and sunny. In this video the atmosphere is different. It feels like it’s late and tired and home is too far away. But I will get there…

Some highlights during this journey: vistas at 0:27:55, 0:47:10, 0:55:55, 1:17:35, 1:23:25, 1:53:45, 2:08:12, 2:16:16 and 2:42:45

0:04:40 houses on the steep mountain 0:06:34 village 0:42:50 finally we see the sun 1:05:37 beautiful snow 1:10:55 beautiful sun 1:17:55 finally we see the waypoint 2:03:25 village with a church 2:05:35 nice trees with snow 2:20:50 sun behind the mountain 2:23:42 building 2:24:38 gorgeous sun 2:29:20 zip line 2:40:15 lake 2:48:03 ice on lake 3:29:19 houses 3:31:55 village 3:41:38 somebody on a snowboard

(release date: december 2016)

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