Starfield – Walk Across a Planet

Map Size: 2:23:26 minutes from end to end!

How big is a planet in Starfield? Well, I’m not able to walk around a whole planet yet, because you can’t walk away too far from your spaceship. You walk into a boundary, a sort of invisible wall. So I’m going to walk from boundary to boundary. So in this video you get the answer to the question: How big is a “map” in Starfield? Of course I would like to walk AROUND an entire planet, so I’m going to do that someday. I just have to figure out how I’m going to do that. In this video I walk across an area (a map) on the planet Jemison. The city New Atlantis is located here, and I walk through a part of that city in this video. The character is walking quite slowly, so I’m going to run across this area in the next video. I’ll start in a different corner then, so we’ll see other parts of this map. 0:00 intro 2:36 countryside 1:24:03 City: New Atlantis 1:32:03 countryside

(release date: september 2023)

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