Sphere III: Enchanted World – Walk Across the Map

Map Size: 53:15 minutes (x2 = 1:46:30) minutes from end to end!

How big is the map in Sphere III: Enchanted World A.K.A. Sphere III: Rage of the Devastator? Let’s find out by walking across the map like I always do. This game world isn’t one map. There are more maps and you can’t walk from one map to the other. There are mountains between the maps and these aren’t accessible. I’ll walk across one map. This is approximately half the map. I’m not going to play further in the game to get the ability to get to travel to the other maps. This always takes days in MMORPGs: you have to play a lot of missions, walk and talk to a lot of NPCs and fight until you have a XP level of 348,659,565,465,362. There are too many open world games on my list. There are too many maps I have to walk across. But like I said, this is half of the game world so you know what the size is. And you get an idea of what the game world looks like and what the atmosphere is in this MMORPG.

(release date: augustus 2015)

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