SOD: Lifeline (DLC) – Crouch Across the Map

Map Size: 28:34 minutes from end to end!

OK, this is really the last video of State of Decay on HBitM. This time I’ll check out the map size of the DLC Lifeline. Two people, Sadistic Inori and Anti Sincerity asked me in the comment section to do do this DLC, so here it is. You can’t walk in this game so I’m going to crouch to get the same speed as walking in other games. The map is of course full of zombies just like in the main game, but this time you are in a big dirty foggy city. I like the atmosphere, especially at the end when I reach the port of the city. The map is half as big as the map of the main game. Now that we know all the sizes, I think it’s about time we move on to the next open world game on How Big is the Map.

(release date: may 2014)

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