Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 (Map: Mining Town) – Crawl Across the Map

Map Size: 1:26:02 minutes from end to end!

These kind of game worlds are my favorites! So atmospheric. I know I go very slow in this video, but you should feel the atmosphere during this weird journey. You can play it in 2x speed (options YouTube) and still hear the birds if you want to.

Some atmospheric moments in this video:

1:11:42 very peaceful moment: hearing the sound of cows and birds while looking at a village

1:10:15 a train’s passing by

1:14:25 another train’s passing by

20:25 birds in the sky in a forest

38:20 a closed shopping center on a hill

10:00 big building

10:45 walk inside a facility

12:20 nice view

26:10 train on a bridge, crashed

52:30 a big city, abandon?

1:17:35 a deer

(release date: april 2017)

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