Sniper Elite 5 – Sprint Across the Maps (+DLC)

How Big are the maps in Sniper Elite 5? Let’s sprint across all maps to find out. This game doesn’t have one map, it has more maps. It takes place in France in 1944. I also will sprint across the map of the expansion Wolf Mountain in this video. In the previous video (Run Across the Maps) I started in different corners and the routes were shorter. Now I’m going to choose the longest routes again, just like in the Walk Across the Maps video. I use a trainer with the invisible cheat so I can sprint peacefully.

0:00 intro

1:14 Map 1: The Atlantic Wall

5:35 Map 2: Occupied Residence

8:05 Map 3: Spy Academy 14:02

Map 4: War Factory 18:27

Map 5: Festung Guernsey 21:36

Map 6: Libération 25:14

Map 7: Secret Weapons 28:20

Map 8: Rubble and Ruin 34:48

DLC Map: Wolf Mountain

Map sizes (running):

Map 1 The Atlantic Wall: 4.21

Map 2 Occupied Residence: 2.30

Map 3 Spy Academy: 5.57

Map 4 War Factory: 4.25

Map 5 Festung Guernsey: 3.09

Map 6 Libération: 3.38

Map 7 Secret Weapons: 3.06

Map 8 Rubble and Ruin: 6.28

DLC Map Wolf Mountain: 5.07

Sniper Elite 5: all maps, all locations, all missions

(release date: may 2022)

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