Sniper Elite 4 – Walk Across the Maps

How Big are the Maps in Sniper Elite 4: Italia? Let’s find out by walking across all the maps in the main game and also the DLC starting at 1:15:00. It’s WWII so there are a lot of Nazis trying to kill me. To make it possible to walk across these dangerous maps peacefully, I’m going to make myself invisible by using a cheat.
Something went a little bit wrong while recording and editing this video so during the first map the framerate is 30 fps, the rest of the video runs smoothly in 60 fps.

Here are the maps:
0:48 San Celini Island (10 min)
11:20 Bitanti Village (5 min)
17:08 Regilino Viaduct (11 min)
28:09 Lorino Dockyard (8 min)
36:18 Abrunza Monastery (10 min)
46:28 Magazzeno Facility (6 min)
52:54 Giovi Fiorini Mansion (10 min)
1:04:06 Allagra Fortress (11 min)
1:15:00 Deathstorm 1: Inception (8 min)
1:23:51 Deathstorm 2: Infiltration (8 min)
1:32:42 Deathstorm 3: Obliteration (6 min)
1:39:36 – 1:47:30 Target Hitler (7 min)

(release date: february 2017)

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