Sniper Elite 4 – Run Across the Maps

How Big are the Maps in Sniper Elite 4: Italia? Let’s find out by running across all the maps in the main game and also the DLC starting at 27:00. It’s WWII so there are a lot of Nazis trying to kill me. To make it possible to run across these dangerous maps peacefully, I’m going to make myself invisible by using a cheat.

Here are the maps:
0:25 San Celini Island
4:23 Bitanti Village
6:31 Regilino Viaduct
10:25 Lorino Dockyard
13:21 Abrunza Monastery
16:43 Magazzeno Facility
19:01 Giovi Fiorini Mansion
22:55 Allagra Fortress
27:00 Deathstorm 1: Inception
30:04 Deathstorm 2: Infiltration
33:32 Deathstorm 3: Obliteration
36:15 Target Hitler

(release date: february 2017)

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