Skyrim (Special Edition) – Walk Across the Map

Map Size: 1:50:16 minutes from end to end!

Let’s walk the map of Skyrim from end to end. And again I will reach the end. No matter if they send dogs after me (10:50), send spiders (1:15:52) or send a kid that tries to tell me that I’m naked! (29:29). Now that we walked across Skyrim, we have walked all the Elder Scrolls singleplayer maps. Arena was the meanest because it wasn’t possible, Daggerfall was the biggest, Morrowind was the weirdest, Oblivion the sweetest and this one is the most beautiful one. Especially in this special edition! The graphics and the atmosphere are amazing. Here are some beautiful moments: The river at 13:04, the sun shines in the forest at 15:52, the sunset in the forest at 16:55, the colors of the trees and the sky at 19:52, the mill at 21:17, the waterfalls at 26:55, the fireflies at night at 32:23, the fog at night at 38:05, the fog above the water at 1:17:47, the nice view at 1:23:42, the clouds in the blue sky at 1:26:30 and the snow blowing in the wind at 1:29:09. I was so impressed I had to sit down on a bench to recover (56:10). If you see some other impressive and beautiful things in this video please let me know in the comments.

(release date: november 2011/october 2016)

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