Sir, You Are Being Hunted – Run Across the Map

Map Size: (running) Map 1 (East Island): 2 min. Map 2 (Center Island): 3 min. Map 3 (West Island): 3 min. Map 4 (North Island): 3 min. Map 5 (South Island): 3 min.

How Big is the game world in Sir, You Are Being Hunted? Let’s find out by running across all the 5 maps from end to end.
Map 1 (East Island) starts at 0:21
Map 2 (Center Island) starts at 2:28
Map 3 (West Island) starts at 5:38
Map 4 (North Island) starts at 8:41
Map 5 (South Island) starts at 11:35

(release date: may 2014)

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