Shadow of Mordor – Walk Across the Maps

Map Size Udun: 7:47 minutes from end to end! (from 0:31 to 8:18)

Map Size Nurn: 7:47​​​​​​ minutes from end to end! (from 9:18 to 17:05)

How big are the two maps in Middle-Earth: Shadow of War? Let’s walk across the maps to find out. The first map is called Udun and the second map is called Nurn. The first one is very dark, the second map is brighter. I use a trainer so I can walk without being bothered by those ugly creatures. Well, they keep following me and they keep talking about me, but I’m going to ignore it. Let’s go to the end of these maps!!

0:00 Map 1 (Udun)

8:50 Map 2 (Nurn)

TheyCallMeConor already walked across these maps a few years ago. He made a time lapse video of it:… I also walked across the five maps in the newer game Shadow of War.

(release date: october 2017)

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