Second Life – Walk Across Three Continents

Map Size: 2:54:26 minutes from end to end!

How Big is Second Life? You cant walk across the entire map because the empty space between the parcels is inaccessible. You can walk across the big continents though and thats what I did in the previous two videos. In this video Im going to walk across three continents! I start in the continent called Corsica, then I walk across Nautilus and I end my journey in Satori Maebileila. This is the longest walk you can make in Second Life. I walk a straight line. On my journey there is a lot to see! Like beautiful horses (14:40), a place for kids (18:04), an underwater world (32:2)), a Mc Donalds restaurant (2:09:40), a beautiful sexy woman (2:14:58), horses with wings in a Morrowind looking fairytale world (2:15:19), some dead people (2:16:25), a beautiful garden (2:17:12), a broken bridge (2:40:25) and also there are a lot of beaches with palm trees. Enjoy this beautiful journey of almost three hours.
(release date: june 2003)

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