Second Life – Walk Across the Map (Sansara)

Map Size: 1:38:48 minutes from end to end!

How Big is Second Life? The Map is big and it’s full of regions. But you can’t walk from region to region so you can’t walk across the map. But what you can do is walk across the bigger areas, the continents. Of course I walk across the biggest ones. Let’s start with walking across the continent called Sansara. On the Second Life Wiki page you can read this about Sansara: “Sansara is the oldest and most complex of all mainland continents. It is the biggest continent, with 900 sims” I start my journey in the southeast and walk to the furthest point in the northwest. On the way you see the most amazing, surprising and the weirdest things pop up in front of you. The strangest thing in this video is the spooky house at 1:25:25. In the next video I will walk across another big continent.

(release date: june 2003)

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