Scum – Run Across the Map

Map Size: running 1:36:19​ minutes from end to end!

How big is the map in SCUM? Let’s walk across the map to find out. It’s a survival game so it’s going to be hard. I’ll probably die a couple of times. I can die of hunger, thirst or… zombies. I’m glad the game has some cheat commands so I’ll survive this. I don’t need to craft things or to get skill points. So I’m a nobody, I’m a rookie in this game, I don’t even have compass skills! Because of that I’m only able to see the letter N on my compass. Still I’ll walk a straight line all the way to the opposite corner of this huge map.

Here are some highlights during this long journey:

0:34​ harbor/port

30:00​ big industrial zone

6:33​ farm

7:03​ bear!

7:28​ bear follows me

8:12​ bear attacks me

8:43​ bear kills me

16:20​ horse falls out a tree

23:23​ zombie

26:15​ house in the forest

28:45​ another zombie

29:25​ drone

32:27​ zombie attacks me

35:00​ another farm

42:51​ snow

43:13​ ugly zombie

47:21​ wild boar

58:58​ lake

1:08:17​ strange base with music with a strange bass

1:13:15​ farm in the snow

1:24:30​ a palace/castle

1:25:20​ courtyard

1:25:24​ sleeping zombie wakes up

nice views at 17:47​, 50:08​, 50:43​, 51:33​, 1:19:45

(release date: august 2018 (early access))

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