Satisfactory – Walk Across the Map

Map Size: 1:19:37 minutes from end to end!

How big is the map in Satisfactory? Let’s walk across the map to find out. Well, I’m actually creeping/crouchwalking because walking goes too fast in this game. I will walk (run) in the next video. So I creep, but it looks like walking. I turned the music off, in the “Sprint Across the Map” video, I’ll turn on the music in the game. The world in Satisfactory is very unique and it reminds me of the funny game Journey of the Savage Planet. I made some videos of that game as well, so I drop the links here:

Is “Journey of the Savage Planet” open world?

Journey of the Savage Planet – Walk across the Map:

(release date: march 2019, still in early access)

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