Saints Row The Third – Run Across the Map

Map Size: running 24:59 minutes from end to end!

What does Steelport look like at night? It looks beautiful, with all these lights and beautiful big buildings (3:53, 6.00, 7:34, 8.40, 11:53, 12:19, 12.42, 13.09, 14.15, 14.23). But just like the previous video (walk across) there are still some weird people on the street. Maybe even more. Some are wearing some sick costumes (9:55, 10:29) and there still are some insane drivers that are trying to kill me (19:30, 21:48)! But there are some good people too, people who like to dance with me! (7:57, 19:00). And last but not least this city has got the most beautiful lampposts you’ve ever seen! (10:22)

(release date: november 2011)

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