Risen 3 – Run Across the Maps

How Big is the game world in Risen 3: Titan Lords? Let’s find out by running across all maps, all areas, all locations, all islands in this open world RPG game, so you can get an idea. The only island I won’t show you in this video is Skull Island. That island didn’t appear on my map when I played the game. You can’t swim across the sea in this game, otherwise I would have shown you the size of the sea too of course 🙂

Here are the timestamps of the maps in this video:

0:00 intro

0:22 The Crab Coast

4:39 Taranis

9:25 Tacarigua

13:57 Kila

19:20 Fog Island

22:22 Calador

29:53 Antigua

32:43 Isle of Thieves

(release date: august 2014 )

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