Risen 2: Dark Waters (Map: Antigua) – Walk Across the Map

Map Size: 11:06 minutes from end to end!

We’re trying to find out how big the maps are of Risen 2: Dark Waters. We’re on a different Island now. This one is called Antigua. Home of all the pirates in the Southern Sea. Well, the pirates don’t bother me. It are those creatures that are standing in my way. Like that alligator at 1:52, that ugly big bug at 2:20 or those Sand Devils at 8:00. And don’t forget those Blueclaw monkeys that are trying to kill me. I rather see a monkey doing tricks! Like that funny monkey at 7:12. Anyway, because I ignore most of those creatures I have a beautiful walk through the forest early in the morning. I love how the sun appears at 4:00 and shines bright at in my eyes at 4:26! Games can be so beautiful!!!

(release date: april 2012)

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