Rift – Walk Across the Map

Map Size: 4:40:14​​​​​​ minutes from end to end!

How big is the map in Rift: Planes of Telara? Let’s walk across the map to find out. I start in the northwest of the map and I walk to the southeast. I try to walk a staright line but that’s hard in this MMORPG because of mountains and especially because of dangerous angry enemies. I have to avoid meeting them. They kill me in a second because my XP level is very low. The game world is very unique.

Here are some highlights during this hike: views/vistas/panoramas at: 16:03, 37:08, 1:18:11, 1:21:40, 1:35:28, 1:36:58, 2:07:09, 2:08:21, 2:09:50, 2:09:59, 2:14:50, 3:20:51, 3:24:10 9:00 village 11:28 big nice building 19:10 village at night 25:22 two-headed monster 28:10 village at night 32:00 village at night 33:33 some houses at night 38:30 scary scream of a wolf? 41:17 a high bridge 49:27 people shooting with canons 51:25 fire monsters fighting with a man 54:32 camp at night 56:36 stone monsters fighting with a wolf 1:02:28 I’ve got killed by a crazy monster 1:02:55 a parade with people 1:05:38 big house at night 1:09:35 strange flora / flowers 1:12:44 purple sky 1:18:30 early in the morning, sun’s coming up, animals making ‘early in the morning’ sounds 1:21:40 on a high bridge 1:53:40 a little village 1:54:05 market, balloons, parade 1:57:25 church, rain 1:57:45 cemetery 2:00:25 nice house, waterfalls 2:24:30 beautiful deer 2:28:45 rabbit, castle 2:34:03 a little farm 2:34:42 another parade 2:52:30 drake kills cow 3:11:46 big statue 3:28:32 a blue butterfly 3:35:12 buildings 3:58:12 eerie sky 4:18:05 strange world

(release date: march 2011)

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