Red Dead Redemption 2 – Breathtaking and Relaxing Walks

Relaxing Walks in Red Dead Redemption 2. “Breathtaking Walks”, a new series on this channel. Let’s start with Red Dead Redemption 2. I’ll show the most breathtaking and relaxing walks through the most beautiful areas in this game world.

0:00 Walk from a village to a villa in the evening

7:10 Walk through Saint Denis

23:00 Walk from high hills to pittoresque village

34:41 Walk to the cosy village Van Horn

45:00 Walk in the hot sun to the town Blackwater

57:00 Walk in the mountains

1:04:33 Walk in the high mountains, with breathtaking views

1:13:09 Walk with nice fog, sunset, to a village, late in the evening

1:18:55 Walk with beautiful views early in the morning

1:34:26 Walk along the river to nice grasslands, later it’s starting to rain

1:45:00 Long walk to the high, snowy mountains

2:14:56 Walk in the snow, early in the morning

2:28:00 Walk in the snow, in the sun. Later the snow turns into rain

2:42:10 Walk through village in the evening

2:44:21 Walk through another village at night, walking into bar

2:56:42 Walk in the desert, nice views over the river

3:06:43 Walk with very nice, breathtaking views, big waterfall

3:20:35 Walk in the rain, big thunderstorm

3:36:20 Walk through village at night, a lot of rain

3:44:33 Walk in the rain to another waterfall

3:46:34 Walk to the industrial zone and the docks in Saint Denis

3:55:52 Walk to the mining town Annesburg

I also walked across the entire map in RDR2 three times. Here are the links to those videos:

(release date: october 2018)

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