Project I.G.I.: I’m Going In – Walk Across all Maps

How big are the maps in Project I.G.I.: I’m Going In? Let’s walk across the maps to find out. There are 14 levels, 13 of these levels are open world. This is one of the first open world games so it has to be on this channel. It was released in the year 2000 so don’t expect epic graphics. I’m so happy that I can still run this game in Windows 10. I really like the gameplay, the atmosphere and the music in this game.

0:00 intro

1:27 Trainyard

4:16 SAM Base

9:09 Military Base

15:50 GOD

20:46 Radar Base

25:56 Get Priboi

32:55 Border Crossing

43:47 Re-Supply

49:22 Missile Trainyard

52:53 Defend Priboi

57:58 Eagle’s Nest I

1:06:56 Eagle’s Nest II

1:20:02 Nuclear Infiltration

1:33:07 Time Lapse 1

1:35:27 Time Lapse 2

1:39:26 Outro

Map Size:

Trainyard: 2.49

SAM Base: 4.53

Military Base: 6.41

GOD: 4.56

Radar Base: 5.10

Get Priboi: 6.59

(Border Crossing: 10.52 lineair path)

Re-Supply: 5.35

Missile Trainyard: 3.31

Defend Priboi: 5.05

Eagle’s Nest I: 8.58

(Eagle’s Nest II: 13.06 lineair path)

Nuclear Infiltration: 13.05

(Time Lapse 1 original time: 31.42)

(Time Lapse 2 original time: 49.40)

Weird video:

Project I.G.I.: I’m Going In: all maps, all locations, all areas

(release date: december 2000)

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