Outward – Walk Across the Maps

How Big are the Maps in Outward? Let’s walk across all the maps to find out. Just like in the open world game The Long Dark you can’t see where you are on the map, but on the compass you are able to see in which direction you are walking. So no getting lost in here! (of course not, real HowBigistheMappers never get lost)
I walk across the four big open world maps and through the four big cities.

0:14 Cierzo (4 min.)
5:08 Chersonese (30 min.)
35:15 Hallowed March (26 min.)
1:01:26 (Bonus) Giants’ Village (2 min.)
1:03:44 Monsoon (5 min.)
1:08:46 Enmerkar Forest (23 min.)
1:32:07 Berg (3 min.)
1:35:39 Abrassar (26 min.)
2:01:57 Levant (2 min.)

(release date: march 2019)

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